Number of Soldiers in a Platoon and Troop

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How many soldiers are in a troop? How many in a platoon?

Number of Soldiers in a Platoon and Troop

The number of soldiers in a platoon varies, but is typically 30 to 40 soldiers. There are usually between three to six platoons per troop.

A platoon is the smallest military unit led by a commissioned officer and is typically commanded by a lieutenant assisted by a non-commissioned officer.

A platoon is made up of at least two squads and is smaller than a troop. There are eight to 12 soldiers, sometimes as many as 14, in a squad. A squad covers about 100 meters in open terrain when attacking, and can effectively defend 100 to 200 meters.



3/19/2007 3:18:45 PM
v ezzo said:

Please tell CNN and Fox news that a troop is not one soldier. They drive me crazy when they continue to use the word inappropriately. One day they said 3 troops were killed and I could only imagine how many men died that day. They actually meant 3 soldiers.

9/16/2007 4:15:57 AM
tanami said:

I needed this information as a writer.

12/17/2007 9:53:30 AM
edulgegroult said:

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4/14/2009 11:47:44 AM
luis said:

this is very interesting, but they should have a page with every single different kind of group from smallest to larger, for example, squad, platoon, battalion, or division. They sould hae a page like that. And if im wrong about the order then please forgive me, im waaaaaaaaay too young to know.

5/24/2009 11:57:24 AM
Alex Mattson said:

dude a platoon isnt the smallest group, a sqaud is

9/19/2009 12:52:59 AM
Nonya said:

Which is it? Are there "three to six platoons per troop"? or is "a platoon...smaller than a troop"?

You can's have it both ways. Please clarify.

6/6/2011 11:33:54 AM
Brian Woodruff said:

Is there a reason there is NOT an exact count on Platon,Squads, etc?

11/13/2011 4:04:22 PM
bippity-bopity-boo said:

Very Interesting. Thank You!!


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