Week 6/Camaraderie

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I need information on Army basic training

Week 6/Camaraderie

Individual Tactical Training 3 (ITT 3)
Squad Defense Live Fire Exercise (LFX)
Phase 2 Test
Phase 2 After-Action Review (AAR)
CSM Sensing Session
Diagnostic Advanced Physical Fitness Test (APFT) #3

Phase Change
Values Recap/Introduction
Post Detail Day
Deferred Issue of Uniforms
U.S. Weapons Familiarization



12/25/2008 5:52:02 AM
See said:

nice try, but the only real problem with this is that its not entirely correct, a lot of the time its mixed up, we did our nbc chambers in our 3rd week and did the victory tower the first week we were there.. so its not really set up like that at all.. it just depends.


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